Who Buys Junk Motorcycles Near Me [Locator Map + Guide + FAQ] (2023)

There are a handful of places that advertise “we buy junk motorcycles”. What you may not know though as they many junk car buyers will also buy junk motorcycles. Selling a wrecked bike follows a similar process so it makes sense they buy motorcycles as well. It doesn’t matter the reason either, if you your bike was totaled in an accident or it is just rusting in your yard; there is a buyer. Below I will share options for junking a motorcycle, how the process works, tips, for negotiating the highest payout and my experience with the place who buys junk motorcycles near me.

Map of Who Buys Junk Motorcycles Near Me

For “Who Buys Junk Motorcycles Near Me”, “We Buy Junk Motorcycles Near Me” and “Junk a Motorcycle for Cash Near Me”, see the map below…

The place who advertises “we buy junk motorcycles” near me is actually “middle man”. They will buy your motorcycle for under the value, and they have the network to get more money for it. So before you just a “We Buy Junk Motorcycles” buyer, consider all your options for selling the wrecked bike.

Who Buys Junk Motorcycles Near Me

Regardless of why you are selling your motorcycle or the condition it is in, there is a buyer out there, I have seen motorcycles that look like they have been flattened by a Mack truck still get sold to a salvage. Consider the following options for who buys junk motorcycles near me…

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Motorcycle Salvages – BEST OPTION

Motorcycle salvage yards are the best place to sell a junk motorcycle. These places will purchase a wrecked bike and then sell off any parts that still work and have value. The more valuable and working parts that the bike has, the more value the motorcycle has to the salvage yard.

When you take your bike to a salvage yard that buys motorcycles, first they are going to offer you a low price. I mean really low, since motorcycles aren’t even worth much in scrap metal. If you still have some valuable parts on the bike, you need to negotiate a higher offer, You need to have reasonable expectations, they will not pay near the value of the parts. Remember junkyards are in the reselling business, so they need to leave room for making a profit,

Before you just pick any old junkyard to sell your motorcycle to, you should read reviews. Find other people who have sold their wrecked bike. Reviews may not contain exactly how much money they got, but will often talk about if it was a good or bad offer. This can help you when negotiating. Find a motorcycle salvage yard here.

Motorcycle Auction Houses

Motorcycle auctions aren’t often these high end events with fancy and vintage bikes. There are actually auctions that focus on repo, salvage, and junked motorcycles. You can find an auction house who does bike events. The way it works is that you consign the wrecked bike to them and then they do all the marketing, Even better they deal with the public so you don’t have to and that includes collecting payment. Of course the trade off here is that you will lose a percentage of the final sale price to the auction house to pay for their service.

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One thing that makes an auction nice is that the motorcycle will sell on a fixed date. Once you have a date set, you can know that on that day, the bike is gone and no longer your problem. if your junked bike still has some value to it, it’s from a top brand, or antique, you may find more money for it at auction.

To sell a junk motorcycle at auction, you must be owner on the title of the bike. The bike must also be free of any liens. When you call an auction house they will first ask for the year, make, model, size, and condition of the vehicle. Don’t be surprised if they ask for service records and photographs. Find motorcycle auctions here.

We Buy Junk Motorcycle Near Me Buyers

Near me, I see ads on TV and locally for places that buy junk vehicles. Those vehicles also include motorcycles. There are some places that advertise We Buy Junk Motorcycle Near Me, but that is just a few/ All these junk vehicle buyers are middle men in the process. That is an important distinction to make.

They are buying your motorcycle so they can either sell it for parts, take it to auction, sell it with a salvage title, or scrap it. The differences between you and them though is they have the relationships and market reach that you don’t have. Remember though they are buyers, who are resllers. That means your offer will be really low.

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So if the offer is low, why would I sell to a place called “We Buy Junk Motorcycles” Near Me?

The answer is simple. They are often no hassle and will come to pick up your vehicle. Most of these We Buy Junk Motorcycle buyers, have a form you fill out on a website and they immediately send you a quote for your bike. Still you must e the title owner in order to do this. Once you approve the offer, they send money and arrange the transport. So despite the low offer, it is also low hassle and a quick payment.

The place who buys junked motorcycles near me is a cash for motorcycle buyer. If you have a clean title on the bike, the process is fast. Just make sure you know that you can get more money for it somewhere else.

Find a Private Buyer Who Buys Junk Motorcycles for Parts on Craigslist and Ebay

If you have the time, trying to sell a wrecked bike on your own is the best first step. It will certainly net you the best profit, since you are the direct seller. Ebay and Craigslist are the two most common source for trying to sell a junked motorcycle independently. You can also see what other similar models are selling for which can help you hone in on your pricing. On these sites. you can find folks who buy junk motorcycles locally who might just be looking for a parts bike.

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What I don’t like about Craigslist and Ebay is dealing with the public. Sure you can reach a larger audience by putting the wrecked bike online, but that means more people to answer questions for. In my experience most people post their wrecked motorbike online for a private sale and then choose to call a salvage yard anyway.

Charity Donation

Another alternative for getting rid of a junk motorcycle is to donate it to charity. While you may not get a cash offer, you may be able to get a tax write off. A charity is similar to the We Buy Junk Motorcycle businesses in that they are a middle man. They will take your vehicle and then move it for cash. If you decide to donate the junked bike, make sure you are dealing with a legitimate 501(c)(3) tax exempt charity.

Here are three organizations that will give you a tax write off for your junked motorcycle:

Who Buys Junk Motorcycles Near Me [Locator Map + Guide + FAQ] (1)

Before You Sell Your Junk Motorcycle…

Before you find a place who buys junk motorcycles near me, just keep in mind, they are buying it to flip it for more cash. It is in their best interest to get the motorcycle from you for dirt cheap. They may even tell you it is worth nothing, but they can take it off your hands for you. Just think through your alternatives first before deciding if the bike is truly a scrap motorcycle…

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Ask yourself questions like:

  • What condition is the bike really in?
  • What are similar condition, makes, and models for selling for on Ebay and Craigslist?
  • Can I get it running and what will that cost?
  • How much would repairs cost compared to the motorcycles value now?
  • Are there parts on here I could strip myself and sell off on Ebay?

If you decide that scrapping the motorcycle is the best idea, then do this to prep it:

  1. Remove all your stuff from any storage compartments, saddle bags, etc…
  2. Cancel the insurance and registration (some states require you cancel the registration after transfer of ownership)
  3. Find the title and have it ready, you will need it to sell it
  4. Have a reasonable value based on the actual market that you think the motorcycle is worth.

How to Getting Max Value When Selling Your Junk Motorcycle

  • Consider all the alternatives listed above. Call around and get several offers.
  • If the motorcycle runs, let them know and negotiate up from their first offer.
  • Don’t let them pick up the bike until you have an agreement. Never let them put the bike on a truck without payment in hand.
  • Strip valuable parts off and sell any them on your own online or locally.
  • If you something doesn’t feel right about the transaction, don’t sign over the title.

Who Buys Junk Motorcycles Near Me Conclusion

Since most cash for vehicle buyers also take motorcycles, there are many options. While I find best offers come from the salvage yards, it may actually depend on if your motorcycle has any valuable parts left in it. The best way to get the most value though is strip the parts, sell them on your own, then scrap the motorcycle. The more you can do independently, the more money you will put in your own pocket. All of these We Buy Junk Bike businesses are in it for the profit, The more you are willing to do, the more money you can keep for yourself. If you are junking the vehicle be prepared to negotiate, state the value and the valuable components that are still on the bike and working. That’s what I have learned from the place who buys junk motorcycles near me.


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