Used Snow Blower Price Guide: How Much Are They Worth? | Snow Blower Guides (2023)

Used Snow Blower Price Guide: How Much Are They Worth? | Snow Blower Guides (1)

A used snow blower price guide is just that, a guide. From what can go wrong, where to buy and what to look out for, I cover it all.

There are many types of snow blowers available (along with other types of snow removal equipment) and it is important to get the right one for your needs. This also applies to used snow blowers. There really is no point in buying a single-stage snowblower for a snip if you really need a two-stage snowblower.

I am here to help you separate a great deal from those that are too good to be true.

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Should I Buy A Used Snowblower?

Used Snow Blower Price Guide: How Much Are They Worth? | Snow Blower Guides (2)

Any time you buy a used product, you are taking a risk because it probably no longer has the manufacturers’ guarantee. On the other hand, buying a used or refurbished snowblower is a great way to save money.

To reduce the risk, I recommend you choose a reliable brand with a good reputation for reliability and durability, such as Toro, Honda, or Husqvarna.

Used snowblower values can vary considerably. For example, a small used snow thrower can be picked up for under $70 but for the larger three-stagesnow blowers you should still expect to pay around $300-$600.

Tips For Buying Refurbished Snow Blowers

Used Snow Blower Price Guide: How Much Are They Worth? | Snow Blower Guides (3)

Before you start googling ‘used snowblowers near me’, I want you to think about the type of snow blower that you need. Is a single-stage enough or do you need to upgrade to a two-stage machine?

Once you know what the right equipment is for your driveway size and winter snow type, you can make more sense of the used snowblower price guide.

Where To Buy Used Snowblowers

Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook Marketplace along with Amazon, will all have used or refurbished snowblowers for sale. But be careful whichever platform you choose.

Keep an eye open for those that have not used their own photos, but images pulled from the manufacturer’s website. This can often mean you will get there only to find a heap of rust.

If you are going to have to travel some distance across the country, maybe ask the seller to send a video of the snowblower running, (preferably clearing snow, but this is obviously not always possible).

The Best Time For Buying A Used Snowblower

Ideally, you don’t want to wait for a snowstorm to arrive. In spring and late summer people are often selling. Mainly because they are looking to upgrade to a newer model or one with more power, which makes these seasons the best time to buy a used snow blower.

But, some snowblower issues will only show up when they are under strain i.e clearing snow. Therefore, you need to decide whether you want to be able to test the blower at work. Obviously, you will only have the ability to do so after a winter snowfall which limits your options.

Are Refurbished Snow Blowers Any Good?

Personally, I believe buying refurbished machines is the best way to go, whether from an independent seller or a retailer. At least you have some come back if the purchase turns into a disaster.

If you are going to search on Amazon then look for a seller that has several posts for gas-powered tools and equipment. Word of warning, always read their customer reviews.

What to Look For When Buying Used Snowblowers

Used Snow Blower Price Guide: How Much Are They Worth? | Snow Blower Guides (4)

You need to know the following to decide how much it is really worth. Each of these features impacts how much money you can expect to put down.

Does It Start Easily?

Always ask the seller or dealer to start the engine along with checking whether the electric starter works because that can be an expensive fix. With good maintenance, the machine should start with ease.

Does The Engine Sound Smooth?

Listen for any odd grating or knocking sounds. If it makes weird sounds, walk away immediately. When it comes to repairs for engines and carburetors it could actually cost you more than the price you paid.

Parts To Check for Wear and Tear

Don’t forget about the moving parts as it can be expensive to replace these. Check for things such as damage, wear and tear and rusting. Check this out if you want to get an idea of snowblower parts and how much they cost to replace.

Think about whether you are able to repair these yourself and what that would cost.

  1. Check the auger is not too loose or damaged
  2. Belts may be perished or loose, these are easily replaced but that needs to be reflected in the price
  3. Snowblower wheels do wear out and can be expensive, so allow for that in the price
  4. Check the housing is no rusted through
  5. Ensure all nuts and bolts are in good condition and not completely rusted up
  6. Make sure fuel lines and cables have not perished
  7. Always test the transmission/gear shaft with a test run
  8. Have a close look at the chute, checking for damage and rust

Has It Been Maintained & Stored Correctly?

Snowblowers are hard-working machines and will very quickly start to develop problems if they are not maintained and stored correctly. It is therefore extremely important to look for signs of neglect.

Things such as peeling paint and rust that has been left too long, old oil leaks that have not been repaired, and perished cables and fuel pipes. Generally, although a used snowblower will never look pristine, does the machine look loved and cared for, or, has it been left in a corner of the shed or garden to rot.

When a snowblower has been well maintained you should not have problems starting it and it should also run smoothly. Making it important to always test before purchase. Unless of course, you plan to take it apart for spare parts, always buy a machine that starts easily and runs well.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Used Snow Blower Price Guide: How Much Are They Worth? | Snow Blower Guides (5)

There is a great deal to think about when looking for pre-owned snow blower models. Consider the following FAQs when evaluating the price and what you would actually save by buying second-hand.

How long does a snow blower last?

A good quality snow blower from trusted manufacturers should last around 10 years. However, they do require regular maintenance and good off-season storage.

How much does it cost to service a snowblower?

Servicing a single stage snow blower costs around $80-$100 but a tune-up for a two-stage blower can cost up to $200. The final fee depends on the state of the machine.

What should I look for when buying a snowblower?

Most importantly when buying a snowblower make sure it is the right size for the type of snow and ground you are clearing. Consider power capacity, reliability, and durability before buying and verify it has been well-maintained when buying second-hand.

This is especially important when deciding between a single stage vs two stage snow blower.


Although used snow blowers are a great way to save money, you have to be extra critical of their quality. Always do a test run and examine all its parts before making your offer because you might have to spend extra on repairs.

Sadly not everyone out there is honest, and there may be a reason they want to sell other than upgrading.

Used Snow Blower Price Guide: How Much Are They Worth? | Snow Blower Guides (6)

James Reeves

Following an apprenticeship and a 7-year career in a specialist snow blower repair workshop, James has seen most issues & repaired most problems when it comes to snow blowers.

From Husqvarnas to Cub Cadets, James now shares his years of knowledge to help buyers across the US & Canada make the right purchase, from which size you need, to brand recommendations.

Thanks to extensive training, James is also in an excellent position to help you with everything maintenance, from oil changes to cleaning a carburetor. Check out the maintenance section of the site to read his professional training guides.

When not repairing snow blowers or writing, James lives with wife and 4-year-old son in the picturesct mountains of Minnesota.

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