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Whatever your objectives are, you’re starting off on the right foot by trading it in instead of holding on to something that’s taking up space in your garage.

You can make money selling your motorcycle through various offline and online methods.

Trade in or sell your bike using these four strategies to market it in your city.

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1. Sell motorcycle to dealer

In most cities, you can find motorcycle dealers and especially small bike shops.

I would avoid the bigger dealers. Stick with those smaller stores. I am talking about those places where they not only buy and sell motorcycles but also offer maintenance services like changing motorcycle oil, installing parts, etc.

You may not get the most money for your bike but it’s one of the fastest ways to sell a used motorcycle.

2. Advertise your motorcycle on your block

Notice how some people advertise their used cars by sitting them out on their lawns with the price tag on the windshields?

Utilize a similar technique with your motorcycle. Stand by it during daylight and secure it in your garage at night each day until someone buys it.

3. Create a newspaper ad

Newspaper ads aren’t the fastest or most modern way to sell items, but some people still like reading and using them.

Just post an ad in your local newspaper and wait for a response. The long wait could pay off because you might get a customer willing to pay more than you bought for it.

4. Notify a loved one

Perhaps you have a relative or friend eager to purchase your motorcycle. Arrange a meeting with them, negotiate a fair price, and collect your cash as they take your bike off your hands.

5. Craigslist

Craigslist is basically an online version of classified ads, but it’s cheaper and faster to implement compared to newspapers.

Post your ad, wait for an email or phone call, and rendezvous with the buyer to close the deal.


Sell My Motorcycle Online

Check out the best motorcycle sell/trade-in websites below.

6. Cycle Trader

Cycle Trader is Craigslist for motorcycle sellers. It offers a selling platform for both private sellers and motorcycle dealers.

As a private seller, you have three pricing packages to choose from:

  • Basic Package: Cost is a one-time fee of $14.95. Can post up to 4 pictures. Ad is live for two weeks.
  • Enhanced Package: Cost is a one-time fee of $29.95. Can post up to 20 pictures. The ad is live for six weeks. Includes a YouTube video posting option.
  • Best Package: Cost is a one-time fee of $49.95. Can post up to 50 pictures. Ad is live for 12 weeks.

Includes a YouTube video position option, plus first priority in online and homepage search results.

Motorcycle dealer? Create an account here.

7. Cash 4 Motorcycles

Some people wonder, “Where to sell my motorcycle safely online?” Their concerns are valid because while online marketplaces are great for selling on the local level, they have many risks like scam artists and other criminals.

You don’t need to worry about your safety with Cash 4 Motorcycles since the company sends an employee to pick up your motorcycle from your home or another meet-up location. Plus, you receive a payment within a week. Cool!

8. RumbleOn

RumbleOn purchases brands like Yamaha, Indian, Honda, and much more. In addition, it has a 4.8 out of 5 rating on Google.

Selling your bike through RumbleOn is easy:

  1. Type in your VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) to get your quote.
  2. If you agree with your given cash offer, accept it and wait patiently for a RumbleOn employee to pick up your item.
  3. You get paid in cash while Rumble hauls away your motorcycle. (This service is free, by the way.)

RumbleOn provides other selling options for private listers and dealers. Private listers can post one video and up to 25 photos. You can even receive free cash offers on certain vehicles you list. Best of all, it costs you nothing to be a private seller on the site.

Listing prices vary for dealers. That said, it includes incredible features like a dealer-direct marketplace, analytics to monitor your sales activities, and leads delivered to your CRM (Customer Relationship Management).

9. Harley-Davidson

Own a Harley-Davidson bike? Selling your motorcycle through this well-known company is a cinch.

Fill out the “Sell My Bike Request” form with your bike’s model, mileage, make, and other important information. Next, wait for a quote and then wait for a phone call from a dealer to discuss the deal further.

10. Motorcycles on Autotrader

Marketing your bike through Motorcycles on Autotrader costs money, but it could be worth it in the long run.

Select from three ad packages:

Basic: Price is $19.50 for two months. Post up to nine photos and receive a standard search ranking.

Deluxe: Price is $44.50 for six months. Post up to 35 photos and receive an enhanced search ranking. Additionally, get your ad broadcasted in search results and the site’s homepage for two weeks. Can add a YouTube video.

Premium: Price is $64.50 to advertise until someone buys it. (After a year, Motorcycles on Autotrader removes it.) Post as many photos as you wish and receive a premium search ranking. Your ad runs on the site’s homepage and in search results for two months. Can add a YouTube video.

11. Sell Us Your Bike

Consider doing business with Sell Us Your Bike. It’s been around for over 25 years, so you know it has an excellent rapport with customers.

To receive a quote for your motorcycle, click “Motorcycles,” then “Get My Offer Now!” Enter your item’s details and contact info. Then, upload any photos. (It takes a couple of days to get your cash offer.)

Upon accepting the cash offer, an employee from Sell Us Your Bike will pick up your motorcycle and pay you.

12. iMotorSports

iMotorSports is another company with an extensive track record. (It’s been in business since 1994.)

Getting your cash offer through iMotorSports is a breeze since it takes only 24 hours. Complete the “Buy My Bike” form and wait for a quote to arrive in your email.

Afterward, an iMotorSports worker arrives at your home, takes your motorcycle, and hands you your cash.

13. State 8 Motorcycles

If you live in Ohio, check out State 8 Motorcycles. This company has locations based in Peninsula and Medina.

State 8 Motorcycles buys your motorcycle as-is, whether it’s in mint condition or has wear and tear. Feel free to complete its online form or bring it in person for an employee to examine its condition and give you a quote.

Are you still paying off your bike? Don’t worry about any remaining balances because State 8 Motorcycles will take care of any remaining loan payments.

14. SellMax

SellMax is mostly known as one of the best sites to sell cars . But while its main niche is cars — as shown in its tagline “Cash for Cars” — SellMax buys motorcycles, too.

Call the company’s number or request a quote online by entering your motorcycle’s year, make, model, and asking price into the site’s form.

You’ll receive a quote in minutes, and if you like it, a SellMax employee can haul your bike from your residence, workplace, or any other location of your choosing. Then, get paid with cold, hard cash.

15. CycleMax

CycleMax will pick up pre-owned or new motorcycles from all over the U.S.

Click on the “Sell Your Motorcycle” page and submit your contact information and motorcycle details. Upload at least two photos of your bike to get a cash offer.

Looking to trade in your cycle? CycleMax is more than happy to apply your quote to any bike you want to purchase.

Final Thoughts

Parting with your bike can be tough, especially if you’ve owned it for years. But whenever you are ready to part with it, as you can see there are a lot of places and people that buy motorcycles near you and online. It’s just a matter of getting a few quotes and finding the one where you can sell your motorcycle for the most cash!

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